Thursday, July 4, 2013 An Online Examination Portal For Coaching Centers and Institutes

Who We Are?

In Infoin Technologies, we provide world class information technology services. We established in 2010 with highly experienced IT Professionals. is one of our aspiring products. Visit: for details.

What is Explore Exam ?

Explore Exam is a complete system where you can create and conduct online examination for your institutes, organizations, coaching centers, etc.

Who can use this portal ?

Explore Exam portal is best for the institutes or coaching centers providing classes for the competitive examinations like, JEE, IITJEE, NET, GATE, IAS, IPS, MAT, GMAT, etc. This portal is specially developed for the small and medium scale institutes and coaching centers. But the world class design and user friendly environment makes Explore Exam a choice for any reputed Institution.

Preview of An Online Examination Portal Online Examination Portal/System

What are the features of this Online Examination Portal ?

On this portal –
  •  You can create unlimited number of student profiles.
  •  You can differentiate them by groups (i.e. classes, departments or examinations). The system will create user id and passwords for every student automatically and send it to their email id.
  •  You can create unlimited questions sets.
  •  You can create and conduct unlimited examinations.
  •  You can publish and view results by both student and exam wise.
  •  You can notify every student about the examinations or share study materials through this system.
  •  You can also create different users on administrative label and provide them separate permissions for different work (for example, a data entry operator can upload student details but cannot create examinations).

Kindly Click On Online Examination Portal for more information. And Click Here for more details of our other services.

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